Harry Rashid – Security Manager

Harry first joined Corps Security in 2004 and has developed through the company to become a security manager. He now looks after a team of over 25 staff members at a range of sites across London. To learn more about Harry’s journey with Corps Security, read his blog interview here.

Harry Rashid

I have been part of the Corps Security team for 12 years. As Security Manager, I lead a large security team of 25 staff across various buildings at a multi-purpose site including a museum, leisure centre and performing arts school. Together, we ensure the daily safety and security of all staff and visitors.

What I enjoy most about my role is the opportunity to meet such a range of new people on a daily basis – the job is never the same. In the next few years I look forward to progressing and hitting a senior position within the company.

Not just Security Officers

Corps Security is always looking for new operational staff of all levels and experience to help service our new and existing Security contracts. We also have Managerial & Administration opportunities in our local offices.

Why Corps Security?

We believe in offering staff tangible benefits and the opportunity for career progression. We consider our staff to be our most important commodity and encourage loyalty to Corps Security by offering a solid career structure rather than just a job.

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