Kamil Kotlarz – General Security Manager

Kamil joined Corps Security in 2016 as a duty manager and has progressed to general security manager, looking after an entire site in London and 30 other officers. Kamil has enjoyed developing relationships with the local emergency services and counter terrorism officers. 

Kamil Kotlarz

I’ve worked with Corps for almost two years now. I started as a duty security manager, and I’m now managing a site by myself. I wanted a change to kick start my progression and enable me to develop, and that’s what I found at Corps, which is fantastic.

I now manage a team of 30 officers, oversee all the security operations in the premises, write and review rules, edit regulations and more. I’m also very involved with the police and counter-terrorism officers – we have a great relationship with the emergency services, which is very rewarding. I love the fact that I can see people are learning from me and listening to me and my guidance, and I can see my ideas come to life.

Not just Security Officers

Corps Security is always looking for new operational staff of all levels and experience to help service our new and existing Security contracts. We also have Managerial & Administration opportunities in our local offices.

Why Corps Security?

We believe in offering staff tangible benefits and the opportunity for career progression. We consider our staff to be our most important commodity and encourage loyalty to Corps Security by offering a solid career structure rather than just a job.

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