Jewish Festival Of Passover

Corp Passover

Friday 15th April marks the start of Passover (or Pesach in Hebrew) – an important Jewish celebration of the story of Exodus.

During Passover, Jews remember how their ancestors left slavery behind them when they were led out of Egypt by Moses. Passover is celebrated with a series of rituals. Each ritual symbolises a different part of the story.

Passover lasts for seven or eight days, beginning with a special service called a Seder, which takes place during a meal, full of symbolic foods, with family and friends at home.

During the meal, the story of Exodus is told from a book called the Haggadah (Narration). Everybody takes part in reading from the Haggadah in both English and Hebrew.

On the table there are three unleavened Matzo (or Matzah) breads.  At the start of the Seder, the middle Matzo is broken and the largest piece is hidden. During the Seder the children hunt for it. The one who finds it receives a small prize. Also on the table are four small glasses of wine, reminding Jews of the four times God promised freedom to the Israelites. An extra cup of wine is placed on the table and the door is left open for the prophet Elijah. Jews believe that one day, Elijah will reappear and he will announce the coming of the Messiah.

To all our colleagues, clients and connections all observing and celebrating this year, a very Happy Passover to you.

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