David Hutchinson – Relief Security Officer

David joined Corps Security as a security relief officer in 2014 after being attracted to the company for its long military history of helping veterans find work.

David Hutchinson

Being ex-military myself, in April 2014, Corps’ profile stood out among other security companies due to its long history and ex-military background. Working in security often requires quick thinking and taking initiative.

From day to day, my role includes a wide range of event security activities such as carrying out patrols, ensuring the safety of all customers and staff, and providing relief cover across Corps Security’s sites. One day we might be at the Barbican, and the next we’re on site at Ascot. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the Corps team and in future I hope to become part of the event coordination team.

Not just Security Officers

Corps Security is always looking for new operational staff of all levels and experience to help service our new and existing Security contracts. We also have Managerial & Administration opportunities in our local offices.

Why Corps Security?

We believe in offering staff tangible benefits and the opportunity for career progression. We consider our staff to be our most important commodity and encourage loyalty to Corps Security by offering a solid career structure rather than just a job.

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